Shipping your Puppy

It's easier than you think!

We have shipped many times and we find the idea of shipping pups intimidates and scares people from owning a dog from the greatest breed. Since the breed is so hard to often find local breeders, sometimes shipping is required. 


The puppies have no lasting effects from shipping. Shipping does not hinder crate training.

Estimated shipping cost are between $150 and $400 depending on airline and size of pet crate and weight of puppy.

Alaska airlines runs about $180

United runs about $260 any where pretty much in the USA

Delta with Delta Dash runs about $390 anywhere in USA (faster service for the dogs)

Air Canada about $260


Our crate for shipping cost $50.00

We will schedule the best flight for buyer and seller for shortest flight for pup



If you want to call an airline to get information here are contact info:

Alaska Airlines- 800-225-2752

America Airlines- 800-227-4622

Continental Airlines- 800-575-3335

Delta Airlines- 888-736-3738

United Airlines- 800-575-3335

If you are checking flights we ship from Ontario, Ca (ONT) It is about 30 mins from us. For longer flights we will fly out of Los Angeles, CA (LAX) for best flight for the pup.

Before shipment we must take pup to vet for health certificate


Picking up your pup!

Often times puppies are not at the actual airport but at a shipping cargo area near airport. You might want to call ahead to local airport for exact location of where your pup will be for convenient pickup day ahead.

Pups often go to the bathroom in their kennel during flight, so they will be messy.


Bring towels to clean pup with so you are able to love on it as soon as it arrives.


Bring a leash and collar so you can let the pup potty and stretch when you get it.


Also you will need your ID to match the name on the pups shipping package.


DONT FORGET YOUR CAMERA! Some of our greatest memories is seeing our pup for the first time!

Pup will be quiet its not sick. It has had a hard day away from everything that's familiar. Love on the pup as much as possible and enjoy your new dog!